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Deliver high-quality and innovative IT solutions that enable companies to achieve their business goals more effectively.
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Intelligent content delivery for customer services

Deliver intelligent and convenient content delivery experience for customer services for the benefit of your organization.
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Biometrics for security and investigations

Deliver Biometric solutions for investigative and identification purposes.

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Forensic images processing and video enhancement

Deliver image processing and video enhancement software specifically designed for investigative, forensic and security applications.
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Face recognition

Facial recognition is a type of biometric software application that can automatically verify and identify individuals from digital images or video frames, from video sources by analyzing and comparing patterns stored in a facial database.

Facial recognition system based on face-prints can quickly and accurately identify targeted individuals, compare facial images from various sources matching facial images against the collected face images repository. Typically, the sources of face images are ID documents, surveillance cameras, mobile device cameras, images from social media sites, etc. Some times various facial images are difficult to match because they are often captured under non-ideal conditions. Integrated Image processing filters can improve the quality of images retrieved from low quality video footage. The pose correction functionality is used to generate frontal views of faces taken under lateral angles. A tool for comparing images side by side or by measuring facial features that help identify the person can be provided.

Facial recognition provides law enforcement and government agencies a way to manage the records of people of interest in the areas of public security (e.g. wanted and suspected individuals and/or missing people). Facial recognition solution has the potential to help government authorities with this mission.

SEITCOR provides facial recognition solutions for forensic and Law enforcement applications:

  • for identifying individuals from photos, video cameras by matching facial images against the repository;
  • for comparing facial images from various sources to image repository, supporting the biometric verification and identification of individuals.
  • for verification processes into electronic gates at border control checkpoints. The solution verifies the live images against biometric photos stored in ID documents and/or facial image repository.

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