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Deliver high-quality and innovative IT solutions that enable companies to achieve their business goals more effectively.
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Intelligent content delivery for customer services

Deliver intelligent and convenient content delivery experience for customer services for the benefit of your organization.
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Biometrics for security and investigations

Deliver Biometric solutions for investigative and identification purposes.

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Forensic images processing and video enhancement

Deliver image processing and video enhancement software specifically designed for investigative, forensic and security applications.
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Forensic image proccesing


It is the most complete image processing and video enhancement software specifically designed for investigative, forensic and security applications. It is primary purpose is to offer forensic investigators a complete and unique solution to process and analyze digital images and video data in a simple, fast and precise way.

The software allows investigators to solve a wide range of problems – from reducing the time required to process data and improve the success rate of the treated cases, to the restoration of low quality CCTV video footage and fingerprint analysis.

It is a software solution that addresses any possible needs in the analysis of images and videos for investigations, surveillance, and forensic applications. The forensic investigator can quickly work up any video or image – import and convert footage, analyse  its format, clarify content, measure the scene of investigation, and then generate the technical report that you will bring to the courtroom:

  • Import any type of image, video or sequence of images. The software has tools to target any type of data, from CCTV recordings and dash cam video to crime scene digital photos and latent fingerprint enhancement. With a single type of user interface, you can work in the same way with single images, sequences of images and videos.
  • Analyze specific details of your images (like EXIF metadata) and your videos (like video codec and encoding type of every single frame).
  • Speed workflow on long videos by locating the frames of interest with the new motion detection and select only the useful ones either in an interval or in random positions.
  • Investigate cases using many available filters in unlimited combinations in order to restore specific defects or clarify image features.
  • With the designed workflow you can apply filters in any unlimited sequence: drag and drop, add, delete, modify, move, copy, paste, etc. You have the ability to modify any parameter of any operation in any order – the results can be seen immediately.
  • Take specific linear and 3-dimensional measurements on images or video frames.
  • Save the result of the processing an image, a video or a sequence of images or frames. You can even show every original frame side by side with its enhanced version to illustrate your work for presentation purposes. You can also save snapshot images of steps with one click.
  • Automatically generate a report containing the scientific methodology of the processing and all steps of your work progress. The report provides the scientific references for each filter used, settings, and specifics to that particular frame or image.

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