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Deliver high-quality and innovative IT solutions that enable companies to achieve their business goals more effectively.
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Intelligent content delivery for customer services

Deliver intelligent and convenient content delivery experience for customer services for the benefit of your organization.
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Biometrics for security and investigations

Deliver Biometric solutions for investigative and identification purposes.

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Forensic images processing and video enhancement

Deliver image processing and video enhancement software specifically designed for investigative, forensic and security applications.
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Voice recognition

Voice Biometrics (also known as Speaker Recognition) – is based on an individual’s unique voice characteristics. In this case – the physiology of the person’s vocal tract, along with specific behavioral ways of speaking. Voice is the only biometric characteristic obtained remotely.


SEITCOR provides a toolkit for voice biometric verification (1:1). This software toolkit is designed for forensic analysis of voice samples of targeted and suspected individuals. It is specifically tailored for forensics and Law enforcement experts to perform speaker verification and compile expert reports as validated evidence in court:

  • Text independent: Voice match is done independently of what the person is saying;
  • Language Independent: Allowing officers to confirm identities even if the initial enrollment is in one language and the captured speech is in another;
  • Works with any voice channels: microphone, cellular phones, land line telephones, VoIP.

The voice verification toolkit can be supplied in two versions:

  • Single-user standalone solution for forensic experts based on a single PC;
  • A multi-user and Client-Server solution suited for larger organizations and laboratories, managing a central database, inter-connected with users’ Client PCs through a local network.


We provide a tactical stand-alone 1:N (N:M) speaker identification toolkit designed to identify targeted and suspected people and store voice samples up to one thousand in the database. The speaker identification toolkit for forensic and law enforcement investigations helps to identify the potential perpetrator (targeted people) in a group of potential suspects.

Voice identification solution with centralized database. We provide a software solution used to create voice centralized biometric database:

  • Collecting biometrics information of known or unknown suspects and related details (e.g. name/group) on a central database;
  • Comparing “field” samples (e.g. intercepted calls) of an unknown individual against a large number of voice biometric models stored in the central database;
  • Identification results contain a list of possible candidates who are likely to matche the voice sample;
  • Identification results consist of a list of possible candidates with matching scores useful for further investigations.

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