With the constant development

and introduction of new digital technologies, digital images are key sources of evidence for investigations. Digital images are source of information: in addition to the visual content, metadata often contain precise information about when, where and who captured the image.

Billions of images are uploaded to the internet and shared on social media platforms every day. Investigators are constantly faced with the task of trying to identify the person who posted the original photo on the internet. Therefore, it is important to have the appropriate tools to link photographs to a specific camera and consequently to a suspect and ensuring its trustworthiness in today’s investigations.

Image analysis and tampering detection software is the leading forensic software used to unveil processing evidence in digital image.

Image forensics is based on a fundamental assumption that every processing step in the life cycle of an image leaves distinctive traces in the image itself. These traces can be used to reconstruct the processing cycle, identify the image’s originating device, and to possibly determine manipulated segments of a picture and elements of an image. This allows to open images saved in most commonly used formats (JPEG, HEIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.) and easily select several algorithms and tools to perform diverse investigation on the image.

Key features

assessing authenticity of images and documents

detection tampered areas in images

Identification of a device with which the photo was taken.

The most powerful algorithms and techniques allows to achieve detailed image examination and to prepare a report which explains the results based on science.

Software users training

this is an intermediate and expert-level course designed for users who are seeking to use software for their investigations

users will learn the techniques necessary to perform authentication analysis on digital images in a forensic science setting as well as to package, deliver, and present those findings in court

the course is a mixture of lecture and hands-on.

We provide comprehensive technical support, consultation in defining your project, and on-site or remote installation assistance.

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